If You Need To Smile Today, Watch This Little Boy Learning How To Use The Potty

In this heartwarming clip, young Matty’s potty training journey takes an unexpected and hilarious turn, bringing smiles to those in need of a pick-me-up.

Seated on the potty, Matty proudly showcases his successful toilet use, not just for peeing but also for an additional achievement – a poop!

Despite the undeniable evidence in the toilet bowl, Matty is hesitant to take credit for the fragrant accomplishment. Dad, amused by the situation, encourages Matty to admit to the pooping feat. However, the little boy, while readily admitting to peeing, comically denies responsibility for the evident bowel movement. The video captures the lighthearted interaction between father and son as Matty, with a silly voice and gestures, insists he only peed. Dad, unable to contain his laughter, finds joy in his son’s amusing reaction to this significant potty training milestone.

Shared on Facebook by Matty’s mom, Dani, the video quickly went viral, accumulating over 29 million views. Viewers expressed delight in the adorable potty training escapade, praising Matty’s entertaining personality and the heartwarming bond between parent and child. Comments flooded in, celebrating the video’s charm and the joy it brought to viewers. One viewer noted the entertaining traits inherited from his parents, while another highlighted Matty’s adorable gestures during the confession. This endearing video continues to resonate with audiences, providing a delightful moment of humor and familial connection. Matty’s potty-training journey, filled with laughter and innocence, remains a cherished and widely enjoyed online gem.

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