My Rich Mom Who Abandoned Me Shows Up 10 Years Later Demanding Money

Ten years after a wealthy mother abandoned her son, she came to visit him asking for money. He came back smiling while she watched his hands in awe.

A rich mom thought she still had the advantage of visiting the son she’d abandoned ten years ago to request a favor. However, little did she know he’d come back smiling with more than what she asked for. When Redditor just_a_farmer_ turned 20, the scars of his past involving his parents’ divorce ten years earlier still sat fresh in his memories. Tossed to the side by his estranged mom and siblings, this young farmer knew what he had to do when the woman came to him asking for money.

Reddit’s “Entitled Parents” sub hasn’t stopped applauding and upvoting his incredible “payback.” Before detailing the incident, the original poster gave readers a little synopsis of his parents’ split.

At the time, the man’s mother dropped a bomb on the family by revealing his two younger siblings, aged seven and eight, weren’t his father’s after his dad caught her cheating. She disclosed that she had found a better man who’d give her the luxurious life she wanted, unlike the boy’s father.

The poster’s father was a farmer trying to hold his family together while managing his grandfather’s farm. A legal battle ensued in court, and it ended with the woman refusing to take custody of her husband’s son. She sidelined him for the rest of his life until 10 years later, when she realized he could be of financial help.

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