Many Redditors had shared some of the items they found in their house or somewhere else, which they didn’t understand their purposes, so they shared them to learn what they were bought for. Here are nine of them.

9- BRASS OBJECTS The Redditor had captioned the post, where they shared these brass objects as, “My dad bought these at a garage sale. They’re solid brass and open on the inside. Any ideas?”
The redditors had answered the question of the OP as, “Fancy stirrups,” and another Redditor added, “My father had a pair of these, just rusty steel, that he brought back from Colombia in the 40’s. Whoever sold them claimed they were from the days of the Spanish conquest and the holes in the bottom were to let blood out. We believed him!?!” 8- GRABBER BELONGED TO GRANDFATHER The person who shared the grabber thing, stated that they found the object while cleaning their late grandfather’s closet. There were three claws which are opening and closing on the object, which the owner captioned as, “What is this thing I found in my Grandfather’s closet?” The netizens stated, “It’s to pick up sugarcubes.” Which they explained that the object was using to grab small things such as sugar cubes or olives. 7- WOODEN KNOB WITH SPIKES A Redditor shared a wooden knob with spikes on one end, which they captioned, “A friend received this as a wedding gift many years ago. The gifter wouldn’t tell him what it is for. Any ideas?” Another Redditor had explained as, “It’s a cheese holder. Let’s you slice cheese without handling the block.”
6- MYSTERY GIFT FROM ONLINE SHOPPING A Redditor received two weird objects as a mystery gift she received from a fundraising where they ordered cookies. The OP explained as, “Plastic strap on cotton swabs? Unidentified object received in a recent cookie order from Online Fundraising Shop. They are rubbery plastic. They don’t seem related to any of the food items in my purchase (frozen cookie dough and soup mix). Emailed company, but haven’t heard back. No markings.” A Redditor had ansvered as, “I think they are supposed to be a gag. You put the rubber part around your ear and it looks like you have a cotton swab sticking out of your head. Kinda like the old arrow head-band trick. As to why they send it, I’ve received all sort of weird ‘gifts’ when I ordered from online stores- it’s usually the overseas ones that do it though.” 5- WEIRD AUSTRIAN STREET OBJECTS A Redditor who was having a trip in Austria saw some weird objects in the street, which the Redditor captioned their post as, “Phallic object seen today in Innsbruck, Austria.” A Redditor explained as, “Its a Bollard.” and the other Redditors stated, their purpose was to show directions. 4- HOUSEWARMING GIFT Another Redditor had described the object they wanted to learn it’s purpose as, “A house warming gift. It’s half wood, half marble, two semi circle dips, mini spoon. What the heck is it?” Another Redditor had explained as, “It’s salt & pepper “pinch pot”.” 3- SUPERMARKET STRANGE GIFT
As the Redditor was buying groceries from the local supermarket, the cashier had gifted a strange object, as Redditor stated, “I bought a big pack of groceries from a local supermarket, they throw in this item as free gift.” A Redditor explained the purpose of the object as, “It’s an orange peeler.” 2- TIN SYLINDIR Another Redditor had share an object they found inside a jewelry box. The object was in a tube shape, as the Redditor described, “Found in an old woman’s jewelry box. Open at each end and hollow inside. Very light (maybe tin). Inhaler for size,” where the Redditor took a picture with an inhaler, to show it’s size. A Redditor had explained as, “Tube to hold a scarf around your neck without having to knot it. You put corners of the scarf thru it from opposite ends… and pull / snug it up to your neck with the “jewel” next to your neck.” 1- MARBLE OBJECT The Redditor shared an object they found in their grandparent’s house. The object was shaped as an egg, and it was made out of marble. The Redditor described it as, “Small marble-like object, sitting on a desk at my grand-parents’ house, fits in a hand.” A Redditor explained as, “My elementary school teacher had something similar as a paperweight. Definitely paperweight unless its heavy enough to keep books upright.” What do you think? Let us know.

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