I’m Refusing to Allow My Daughter’s Biological Mom to Meet Her

Adoption has made it possible for many adults to fulfill their desire to become parents while also providing children with loving families.

The main character and her spouse wanted another child in today’s story, but the anticipated pregnancy never occurred. Life surprised them with an unexpected twist, and that’s how they became guardians to their granddaughter. However, they now confront a significant family quandary.

We conducted research and would like to share the key recommendations from professionals in such situations:

  • The initial step is to engage in assertive communication with all parties involved. The goal is to come to an agreement, prioritizing the child’s well-being above all else.
  • That said, when Erica became pregnant, both she and your son were teenagers and unprepared for parenthood, leading them to agree to the adoption. However, their circumstances have since changed, as they are now adults who may have a different perspective on the situation. Understanding their long-term intentions is important beyond just “visiting” or “meeting” the child.
  • We also acknowledge your apprehension about revealing the adoption to your daughter. We understand your desire to shield her, but given the involvement of multiple parties, it’s crucial to have this conversation with her before anyone else does. If she were to learn about it from someone else, the potential consequences could be more severe, possibly leading to negative emotions towards both her biological parents and you.

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