How Does This Relate To Christmas?

Three people want to get into heaven.

St Nicholas is the gatekeeper.

He says they must give him something related to Christmas to get in.
The first person reaches into his pockets and pulls out a leaf.

St Nick looks confused, and says “How does this relate to Christmas?”

She replied “Mistletoe”, St Nicholas smiles and lets her in.

St Nick looks to the next person who reaches into their pockets and pulls out a set of keys.

St Nick, amused, laughs and says “Tell me how this relates to Christmas”

“They jingle, like jingle bells” they reply.
St Nick, pleased lets them in.

St Nick looks to the last person, and asks “What have you brought for me”

The man, looking pleased reaches into his pocket and pulls out a skimpy pair of knickers.

St Nick, bewildered and red in the face demands an explanation.

“What on earth! How does this relate to Christmas?”
The man replied, “they’re Carols.”

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