A blonde sits down in a bar

A blonde sits down in a bar next to a redhead.

Both of them are having a good time when the news comes on the TV.

The woman reporter shouts out ‘This just in! A man Is at the edge of a cliff attempting to jump’

The redhead leans over to the blonde and whispers, ‘I bet you $50 that the man’s gonna jump.’

The blonde responds ‘You’re on.’

So, both of the women stare at the news waiting to find out what happens next.

Finally, the man jumps.

The blonde turns to the redhead and hands her the $50.

The redhead, feeling guilty, says ‘I can’t take that money. I saw the news earlier this morning.

I knew he was going to jump off the cliff.’

The blonde says, ‘Well, I saw too. But I never woulds have thought that he’d do it again.’

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