A Cabbie Picks Up A Nun

A nun gets into a taxi and notices the driver glancing at her repeatedly. Curious, she asks if something is amiss.

The driver hesitates, then cautiously says, ‘I hope I don’t offend you, but I have a question.’

Reassuring him, the nun responds, ‘My friend, after years as a nun, I’ve likely heard it all. Ask away.’
Well,’ the driver begins, ‘I’ve always had a curious thought about a nun kissing me.’
The nun ponders for a moment and then says, ‘If you’re single and Catholic, it might just be possible.’

Eagerly, the driver confirms, ‘Yes, I’m single and Catholic!’
With a mischievous smile, the nun suggests, ‘Let’s find a private spot. Pull into the next available place.’

After sharing a chaste kiss, the driver becomes emotional and starts shedding tears.
Concerned, the nun inquires, ‘Why are you crying, dear?’
‘Forgive me,’ the driver confesses, ‘I’ve misled you. I’m married and I follow the Jewish faith.’

Comforting him, the nun responds, ‘It’s alright. My real name is Steve, and I’m actually heading to a Halloween party!’”

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