«A Bald and Sick Woman:😳 How Does Jackson’s Children’s Mother Now Look?»

The world was introduced to a regular nurse who became famous when she married the legendary Michael Jackson.

She later disclosed that Deborah Rowe and the King of Pop got into a contractual marriage.

They met in a hospital where Deborah was a dermatologist’s assistant, helping Jackson with his vitiligo.

Despite Jackson’s desire to have children, his then-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, was against the notion. Deborah saw her chance and jumped at the chance to help Michael since she wanted him to be happy.

In 1996, Michael and Deborah officially became married. Deborah gave birth to their son, Prince, in 1997 via in vitro fertilization (IVF), and their daughter, Paris, the following year.
Remarkably, Deborah said in an interview that she never handled standard parenting obligations like watching the kids or changing diapers because Michael Jackson handled all of them.

Following their divorce, Deborah Rowe was awarded a mansion in Beverly Hills and $8 million. She attempted to revoke her parental rights in 2001; three years later, she regretted her choice. But when Prince and Paris, her children, found out about the abandonment, they cut off their relationship with her.

Despite this, many years later, Paris made amends with her mother and helped her through Rowe’s cancer fight. These days, Deborah Rowe lives a solitary life on her estate, but there are reports that she keeps in touch with her daughter, Paris Jackson, who pays her periodic visits.

Public curiosity remains in the intricate dynamics of Deborah’s relationship with Michael Jackson and their kids.

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