“She didn’t want children”: What the 63-year-old son of Brigitte Bardot looks like now

The actress did a great job portraying love in the photos

Nicolas-Jacques Bardot is the only son of the famous French actress. The man was born in 1960. At first, Brigitte did not want to give birth to the expected child, but her love for Jacques Charrier made her keep the child and even marry the actor.

Bardot didn’t want the public and paparazzi to see her pregnant, so she refused to leave the house. The actress even gave birth at home. The mother was afraid to hold the newborn in her arms and even hesitated to heed him. The only thing she wanted was to return to her acting profession as soon as possible.

Brigitte and Jacques organized a photoshoot right after the birth of the baby to assure the journalists that they had a happy family life. The actress did a great job portraying love in the photos. The photos were sold to a major publication for a fair price.

Bardot and Charlier soon divorced, and the boy stayed with his father. In fact, Jacques demanded to raise the boy himself, and Bardot did not mind it at all. Nicolas-Jacques majored in economics at the famous university in Paris. The man also enjoyed music and sometimes created tunes. At 22, the handsome man approached Pierre Cardin about working as a model.

While working in the fashion industry, Nicolas met Anna-Lin. Soon they arranged a wedding in Oslo. The spouses have two daughters together. At first, Brigitte refused to accept the girls as her granddaughters, but over time she also wanted to get in touch with them. Currently, Nicolas is working in computer programming and technology. He is still in love with his wife, and now they are happily raising their grandchildren together.

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