Paris Hilton named the reason why her children were born by a surrogate mother.

This year, the star became a mother, twice.

 Earlier this year, Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reum had a son , Phoenix, and just a week ago the star announced that they now also have a daughter , London. The celebrity did not comment on the method by which the babies were born, but it is quite obvious that they were born by a surrogate mother. Paris, of course, is criticized on the Internet for this: they say that she is buying children for herself and, in general, she did not give birth, which means there is no connection with the child. In the end, the star, accustomed to hate since childhood, could not stand it.

The star explained in her reality show that the reason why she and her husband turned to a surrogate mother was not at all because Paris did not want to walk around with a belly. On the contrary, she dreams of feeling “the baby’s kicks and other exciting moments.” The star said that it was about her publicity. Whether she didn’t want to discuss it, or to disappear from life, or was concerned about safety, it’s unclear. But what is clear is that the decision to become a surrogate mother was not easy for Paris. In addition, the star was worried about the health of her children and decided that it would be better if another woman carried them.

The celebrity’s husband also took the floor. Carter worries that their family will never be “normal.” His wife, he says, has a very famous last name, and I want our kids to be at least sometimes not the children of Paris Hilton. Nevertheless, the couple treats this as a given and philosophically. “I don’t think we know everything that awaits us on this journey, but we’ll just figure it out as we go,” he said.

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