‘Dumpster baby’ adopted by kind couple becomes founder of company worth $62 million

From a neglected baby to a founder of a multimillion telecom company.

Life is only over once you quit, that’s what Freddie Figgers proved to everyone when he turned from being a baby abandoned in a dumpster to a successful entrepreneur.

Figgers was mercilessly abandoned by his biological mother just two days after he was born. The poor newborn was left by his heartless mother in a cold dumpster, not thinking of the possible outcome of such a cruel action. Nobody in their right state of mind would dump a baby in a place like that, don’t you agree?

The now CEO definitely had a rough start in life, thinking about it, his life could’ve ended right there and then.

Luckily, the heavens above sent him a very supportive and loving couple, Nathan and Betty Figgers. They adopted the then neglected baby who grew up possessing such advanced knowledge in technology.

Nobody thought that he’d become so successful in life after his tragic beginnings.

When Freddie was only nine years old, he received his first computer. It was a faulty one, but he managed to make it function after a few tries of fixing, tweaking, and troubleshooting.

He turned out to be a genius (if not gifted) and landed his first ever employment at the age of 12. Then when he turned 15, he was already an owner of a cloud computing company. He got the idea of putting up the company when a tornado hit an Alabama-based car dealership that lost all its computer files including their clients’ information.

To prevent data loss in the future, Figgers tried formulating a way where individuals to huge companies can back up their information on a remote server. When thinking about a remote server, one would immediately think of a fancy facility. In his case, that so-called remote server was only located in his backyard.

He also invented a special shoe equipped with a GPS tracker and a two-way communicator. According to him, he got really interested in making such an invention because of his father who then started to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. He said that his father would often forget a lot of basic things such as wearing his pants.

He wanted to make sure that his dad was safe all the time that’s why he started working in the healthcare field.
The two-way communicator allowed him to talk to his dad even if they were not together. That way, he didn’t need to worry about his dad doing something dangerous. The GPS on the other hand allowed him to track his father’s real-time location so he’d never go missing.

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