She’s only 3 years old!The baby sang a song, because of which Dad could not describe his emotions.

This video has become a real hit on YouTube. Claire, a little 3-year-old girl, decided to surprise her dad by singing a wonderful song for him.

You should just listen to her beautiful voice. We are sure that you cannot control your feelings.

Singing is very useful for children.Little singers are protected from many diseases, because singing improves blood circulation, and her immune system reacts to this.

Vocals help to develop a sense of rhythm and hearing. In addition, vocals are useful for memory, because during classes the child has to memorize the melody, lyrics and many songs.

Vocal lessons normalize, develop and improve respiratory function (singing lessons are very effective for asthma). Vocal lessons noticeably eliminate speech disorders (for example, the baby stutters less while singing).

Vocals develop communication skills, the ability to work in a team, attentiveness, friendliness.

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