Dog who’s waited for soldier dad for ‘a million dog years’ can’t contain joy when they reunite

When our brave military members are deployed, it’s not just their human families who feel the void; their furry companions are left wondering, too.

Do our loyal dogs grasp the reason behind our absence?

Imagine the joyous chaos when these reunions happen.
Dogs, who may have been apart from their owners for months or even years, don’t forget. Their recognition is instantaneous, their joy, unbridled.

But for one particular pup, the wait was a mere 32 days.

What sort of welcome would she offer her returning soldier? As it turns out, a welcome that would melt hearts.

The moment her soldier stepped into view, the pup was a flurry of paws and excitement.
She bounded down the steps, her whole body wagging, launching herself into his arms in a display of pure, unadulterated happiness.

Her energy was boundless, her jumps relentless. Her dad, equally elated, tried to match her enthusiasm, catching her in his arms with every leap.
A spectator, Katrina Sengupta, aptly noted, “Hey it may have only been 32 days to you, but for her, it was a million trillion years. Dog time and human time is totally different.”

This reunion dance wasn’t just about belly rubs.
It was about hugs, kisses, and a shared euphoria.

Matt Wolfram captured it perfectly, calling her “[a] ball of happiness.”

It makes one wonder, in such a moment, are we more like the overjoyed dad or the ecstatic dog?

The truth is, dogs perceive time differently than we do.

Whether it’s minutes, hours, or weeks, to them, it’s always as if we’ve been gone forever.

That’s why their greetings are so intense, so full of emotion.

This undying affection is why we cherish our canine friends so deeply. Their loyalty doesn’t waver, their love doesn’t falter.
And yes, they even cry tears of joy, as researchers at the University of Japan discovered.

Takefumi Kikusui shared, “We found that dogs shed tears associated with positive emotions… We had never heard of the discovery that animals shed tears in joyful situations, such as reuniting with their owners, and we were all excited that this would be a world first.”

In a world filled with uncertainties and complexities, the unwavering love and genuine emotions displayed by our furry companions serve as a powerful reminder of the simple joys of life.

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