Christine Brown of “Sister Wives” Marries David Woolley in Fairytale Wedding

Christine Brown, a star from Sister Wives, got married to David Woolley in Moab, Utah. They had 330 guests at their wedding.

They started celebrating the day before with a dinner cruise on the Colorado River. They wanted to have lots of family and friends with them.

The wedding had beautiful natural colors, like rust, dusty rose, and peachy coral, to match the scenery. David loved the stunning view. This wedding was a dream come true for Christine. She wanted a big white wedding with her dad walking her down the aisle, which she didn’t get the first time she got married.

Christine’s son and father walked her to the altar. She wore a dress from Boda Bridal with lots of details. Her hair and makeup were done by Eliza Schmidt, and Cortney Hall did the makeup for the bridal party.   They had their kids and grandkids walk down the aisle too, to make it a family event. They said their vows in front of a floral arch by the Colorado River.   After a kiss, they became Mr. and Mrs. Woolley, and everyone cheered.   They had a reception with beautiful lights and flowers under a tent. Ali McDermott from Magnolia and Lace did the flowers.

They served drinks and had a buffet dinner with roast beef, BBQ chicken, potatoes, baked beans, and corn on the cob.   For dessert, they had a three-tier naked cake and a Darth Vader-themed groom’s cake.   Christine and David met on a dating website in 2022, and they fell in love quickly. They knew they were right for each other.   David thought Christine’s profile was beautiful and full of the right pictures. He felt lucky to have her in his life.   Christine was in a polygamous marriage with Kody Brown before, but they split in 2021. They have six kids together.   David was married before, but his wife passed away in 2012. He knew Christine was the one for him.   They got engaged in April, and David treats Christine like a queen. They are excited to spend their lives together and have lots in common.   They are grateful to have each other and look forward to their future adventures together.

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