“Heartbreaking Video of Lost 5-Year-Old Boy Seeking Help Goes Viral on TikTok

A very sad video is spreading online. It shows a 5-year-old boy using a doorbell camera to ask for help because he was left in the wrong place. His mom shared the story on TikTok.

In the video, the boy looks upset and asks for help finding his mom. He seems very scared, and someone talks to him through the camera. The boy’s mom, Kelly Mulholland, posted the video on TikTok and explained what happened. She said her son and her boyfriend’s 5-year-old daughter were left in the wrong neighborhood by their school bus in Edmond.

Kelly realized something was wrong when she went to pick up the kids at their usual stop. The bus was very late, and the kids weren’t there. When she asked the bus driver where they were dropped off, he didn’t know. Another kid told her they got off at an earlier stop.

While she was in her car, a neighbor told her that kids were ringing his doorbell. He showed her the video from his Ring doorbell camera. Kelly went to the neighbor’s house, but the kids were gone. With help from the neighbor and others, she found the kids a few houses away.

Kelly said she’s proud of the kids for being smart and staying safe. They took turns ringing doorbells while one of them watched. They walked about half a mile in very hot weather for an hour, looking for help. Kelly and her boyfriend contacted the Department of Transportation, which is in charge of school buses. They were told that the bus should never let a child off without a parent and should check the kids’ tags to make sure they get off at the right stop. The news hasn’t gotten a response from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation yet.

Kelly shared this story not to scare people but to remind parents to teach their kids what to do in such situations. She also showed some new Apple AirTags she bought to keep track of her children.

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