What Ben Affleck said to Jennifer Lopez during their famous red carpet “argument” is revealed by lip readers.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made news for all the wrong reasons as they appeared to argue on the red carpet.

Rumors have abounded since the Los Angeles event, with paparazzi present to photograph the famous couple amid an argument. We’ll say it right away: the story has probably been greatly exaggerated in most media outlets. Nevertheless, a lip reader has clarified what was stated.

According to the lip reading who talked with FEMAIL, Affleck, and Lopez were reportedly debating poses and placement for their time in front of photographers rather than having any fall-out.

The lip reader claimed that J-Lo asked her companion if her low-cut top was “showing too much” during the conversation, which went viral as soon as photographs appeared online.

“Don’t worry, darling,” Affleck said, leaning into Lopez’s ear after assuring her everything would be great.

Then Lopez said, “Come up close to me.”

Affleck, who starred in Dogma, told Lopez, “That’s us, done,” before kissing her and asking if she was alright.

The couple’s interaction on the red carpet caught everyone’s attention because the day after, a video of Affleck “slamming” a car door in Lopez’s face appeared on TikTok.

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