They initially believed it to be a simple bruise, but doctors informed them of the diagnosis.

Since the day we are born, each and everyone of us has something special and beautiful.

Some children have tempers from birth, while others are more collected. However, everyone has a different perspective.

The fact that we are all identically built and that we have mostly learned to embrace and cherish our diversity is one of the best aspects about being human.

Nicole Hall worries that because of Winry’s distinct outlook, she might have a difficult life as she gets older. Her mission is to raise public awareness of congenital melanocytic nevi.

Congenital Melanocytic Nevi (CMN): What Is It?

Congenital melanocytic nevi are moles that are present from birth or that appear within the first few months following birth.

They are pretty usual and typically do not have an adverse effect on health. They may, however, provide risks. The moles may need to be removed in certain cases of CMN, although the majority of cases never require treatment. Usually, this is done to reduce the risk of skin cancer or to enhance look…

The world will be a wonderful place as long as we can live in harmony with one another’s diversity. If we divide as a species due to our differences, we seek division.

Winry was unique among the newborns when she was born. They initially believed it to be a bruise, but later discovered it to be a congenital melanocytic nevus.

“When they brought her to me, I initially believed it to be a bruise. My spouse and I quickly realized that it wasn’t a bruise at that point.” Nicole Hall, the mother, said “I thought it looked a lot like a mole.”

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