Grandson quits job, gives up everything to become 96-year-old grandma’s full-time caregiver

The majority of us prefer to believe that there is nothing we wouldn’t do to protect the happiness and welfare of our loved ones.

The sentiment is typically accurate, yet as we get older and start our own kids, it can be challenging to put everything on hold in order to assist a loved one who is in need.

Sure, showing kindness and being approachable are things most people can do on a regular basis, but what would you do if a relative needed you to quit your job, travel halfway across the world, and devote the rest of your life to their care?

Fortunately, there’s a good chance you’ll never have to give a proper response to that inquiry. However, Chris Punsalan, a Filipino musician and content developer, did…

Chris’s family reportedly dwells in Nevada, but his 96-year-old grandmother does so in the Philippines.

The arrangement was perfect up to the point when his grandmother ran out of carers. Chris was ready to go above and beyond, committing to a course of action that very few of us would consider. Her family allegedly considered sending her to live in a care facility, but Chris was willing to go above and beyond.

In brief, Chris made the decision to leave everything behind and return to the Philippines in order to take care of his grandma full-time.

Speaking to ABS-CBN a few years back, Chris said: “She took care of me and I would hate to see her go to homecare, which is where I feel most grandparents go in America.

“They go to home care because nobody is able to take care of them.”

Chris, who already had a large online following as a result of his work as a content creator, could scarcely have predicted that his choice would become so popular. He decided to make the most of his new voyage by sharing films that showed an ordinary day with his grandmother.

“To see her forget who I am sometimes and for me to have to remind her,” he revealed. “That’s probably one of the more difficult things because it’s a constant reminder that life is very fragile, and it’s very short.”

Chris, a kind young man, believes that despite being separated from the rest of his family and making significant sacrifices to care for his grandmother, he is fortunate to have the opportunity to spend so much time with his grandma.

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