A young girl was surrounded by 14 dogs. The moment the girl raised her hands to the skies, a miraculous event took place.

The similarities between the human and dog brains explain why people and dogs have been best friends for ages!

Since humans and dogs have coexisted for more than 30,000 years, scientists have identified one of the reasons for this mutual understanding between the two species: incredible brain similarities between humans and dogs have been found.

Dogs respond to emotions revealed by speech in the same manner as people do: research suggests that both dogs and humans have similar brain locations for this process.

This is how the extraordinary bond between a little child and numerous German dogs is explained in the film. The young child is having a blast playing with the 14 dogs, and the video goes viral online.

The movie shows us a completely different viewpoint than the common assumption that these canines are aggressive and dangerous near children.

Returning to the study, the findings imply that dogs’ love of us goes beyond their desire for food; rather, they show care for us for the same reasons that people do, such as social comfort or interpersonal ties.

Previous studies conducted by American researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, have revealed that a brain region related to happy emotions is shared by humans and dogs.

Indeed, this study supports what dog owners have long suspected intuitively: that their canine companions feel love and affection.


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