A Case That Remained Unresolved For 20 Years Has Been Finally Solved

In 1997, at the age of 18, Celeste Nurse awoke in a Cape Town maternity hospital to discover that her newborn baby had disappeared.

She had nodded off, holding her baby to her chest. A lady posing as a nurse abducted the youngster.

The Nurses continued to celebrate their daughter’s birthday without her for 20 years because they never gave up hope of finding her.

An Unexpected Bond at School

A miraculous turn of events occurred in 2015. The Nurses met a new acquaintance named Zephany thanks to Celeste Nurse’s second kid.

Zephany looked eerily like their missing daughter and even shared the same birthday with her.

The revelation shocked the Nurse family to the point where they contacted the police and asked for a DNA analysis.

The DNA analysis verified that Zephany was their long-lost child.

“DNA doesn’t lie. The results confirmed what we felt in our hearts,” said Celeste Nurse.

The Arrest and The Trial

When police first questioned Miché Solomon (then known as Zephany Nurse), she was at a loss.

The social workers at Retreat Hospital discovered that despite her birth certificate claiming otherwise, there were no records of her being born there.

Miché’s world came crashing down as the DNA results were confirmed.

The woman Miché had always thought was her mother, Lavona Solomon, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and fraud.

As the trial progressed, Lavona maintained her innocence. She claimed that Sylvia, a woman, had given the baby to her, but there was never any proof of this.

She was eventually given a 10-year prison term for kidnapping, fraud, and Children’s Act violations.

“When the gavel came down, it was like my life shattered into pieces,” Miché recalled.

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